Evil Queen/ Disney Villain Dining Table

Happy Halloween weekend! By now you have been following along and have seen a lot of the crafts I’ve made leading up the the dining table centerpiece. It’s FINALLY time to share the whole centerpiece. This was originally the only thing I was going to make but then it spiraled and my whole great room became Evil Queen themed. There is a lot of room to make this centerpiece your own so I hope you enjoy my ideas and take them and run. Happy crafting!

Supplies Needed

How to Make the Table Setting

Much like my post last week, this week is also a bit of a personal preference. I first started by putting down the table cloth and the black lace table runner. From there, I started with the big items and then filled it in with the smaller items. I put the cauldron in the middle of the table under the chandelier, I then put the silhouette pictures, magic mirror, and spell book where I wanted them to go.

Next I put the garland down around those items and the glowing rose garland. I then put the poison bottles and the pumpkins in.

Once I got all the accessories in place, I set the table with the dishes and charger plates. I wanted to do this before filling in with the extra flowers so I didn’t overlap with the plates.

Once the place settings were done, I cut the flowers with a wire cutter and just started filling in the holes to make the table look complete and also to hide the cords from the cauldron and the glowing rose garland. Don’t mind the mess in the background, I was still decorating.

Now your table is complete!

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