Snow White Poison Apples

Hello! Welcome to the inspiration for my whole Evil Queen theme, the poison apple. This blog is going to be short because I used a file from Thingiverse, but if you have a 3D printer and wanted to see the file I used, I wanted to make that a possibility. If you don’t have a 3D printer, you might be able to find an apple on Etsy or maybe a friend with a 3D printer. I’ll include a link to the printer we bought. We use the 3D printer for a lot more stuff that I thought we would. I bought it on Prime Day a couple of years ago and definitely don’t regret it.

Supplies Needed

How to Make the Poison Apple

We used the apple file provided for free on Thingiverse and scaled it to 115% because it was too small. I’m going to be decorating with life size fake apples so I wanted my poison apples to be a similar size. You can see the first one we printed in the image below to see the size difference. After it printed, I painted the poison drip part green, waited for it to dry, and then either put another coat of paint on or painted it with glue and covered it with glitter. My husband hates glitter so I attempted to stop the glitter shed by spraying it with some clear spray paint to keep the glitter on. It also looks cool just painted green to, so I made a couple without glitter.

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