DIY Glowing Cauldron

Hey everyone! I’m super excited to share this project. I knew couldn’t have an Evil Queen theme without a cauldron. How else does she make the poison apple? I saw some super cool cauldrons online and took my inspiration from a few different ideas on Pinterest. I’m so excited with how this turned out!

Supplies Needed

How to Make the Cauldron

Putting the cauldron together is definitely going to be personal preference depending on where you like the colors and how big you want it. I first started by making the colored ornaments. I put a little polyacrylic into the ornamented and swirled it around to cover the whole inside. I turned the ornament over and let it drain for a few minutes to get the excess out. I then put a bunch of glitter into the ornament and spun it around until the whole inside was covered, again dumping out the excess onto a plate to save. I made four of each in green and purple. I didn’t use them all for the cauldron but I plan to hang some above the cauldron from my chandelier to make some colored bubbles. Once the ornaments were dry, it was time to start assembling. I actually glued these together a few times and didn’t like how it turned out. When I tried to take them apart, it ruined some of the bulbs, so I stuck the ruined bulbs in the bottom of the cauldron as support. You could also use some floral foam or anything else but basically you just want something to support the ornaments. I then just started gluing the ornaments together making sure the opening points down into an empty space (very helpful later from when you put the lights in). I tried to make it mostly clear so it would light up and just put a few of the colors spaced out appropriately.

Once I was happy with how it looked, I took the lights and carefully tried to shove a light into each clear ornament, gluing it on so it wouldn’t move. This took a little patience but eventually it worked out!

I then put some pillow stuffing in the middle of the ornaments to fill in the empty spaces and in the bottom of the cauldron to look like foaming bubbles from boiling water. I strung the lights through the stuffing to make sure it lit up the whole bottom. Once that was together, I just glued on some purple and green balls to cover empty spots and add a little color where it was missing some. My goal was to make it look cool during the day when it was not lit up, but also at night with the lights on.

I love the way it turned out!

To make the complete scene, I used fishing wire and hung ornaments from the chandelier to give the illusion of bubbles. Next, I added another set of the string lights around the ornaments and the chandelier. Then I added the pillow stuffing around the chandelier to make it look like a cloud.

We have a galaxy projector that’s in our house all year, so I moved it to project above the cauldron and it makes the whole room light up and look super cool. I’m very happy with how it turned out!

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