Classic Mantel Decoration Ideas

Hi all, we are almost to Halloween! I’m not really sharing a craft today as much as an idea on how to decorate your mantel. Every year I see these awesome pictures of classic fireplace mantels and I have always wanted to change mine up. I FINALLY got it to look how I wanted and it really didn’t take much. So I will share where I got my items as well as a few DIYs and maybe give you a little inspiration for your mantel as well.

Supplies Needed

How to Make the Mantel

This is obviously going to be personal preference. I’ll start by talking about how I spray painted the branches. I first tried to separate them and spray paint them completely, but it was a pain and it wasted so much spray paint. In the end, I kept them in a pile, covered them with a few coats of black followed by the glitter blast mystic, and the clear coat. It was not perfect, but I wasn’t going for perfect and it still worked quite well. Once I put the branches in the vase, I clipped the bats onto the branches. From there, I hung the mirror and the bats and just set the accessories around the mantel until I got it to look how I wanted. I hot glue the garland onto the fireplace every year and it works great! We have a glossy painted mantel, so the hot glue normally comes off pretty easily. Sometimes it might take a little paint with it so I have to retouch it, but this is the easiest way I have found to hang a garland so far (I use hot glue on our walls and outside as well. It’s a great temporary hanging tool). Here is the finished product! Happy Halloween and I hope I can provide a little inspiration for your Halloween mantel!

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