About Me

Welcome to my DIY blog. I’m super excited to share my creations with you! A little bit about me, my name is Kristine, I’m a new wife, scientist, animal lover (we have two dogs, a cat, a rabbit and fish), baker and a DIY lover. My husband and I bought our house a couple of years ago and I’m constantly coming up with projects to make it look the way I want without spending a ton of money. I decided to start this blog as a way to share what I’ve created and learned along the way. There are a lot of projects that I’ve found on Pinterest, tried to re-create and just completely failed. So i’m here to show you how I completed projects to make it as successful and easy as possible. I don’t like building (My husband gets to do those projects), i hate sewing and I hate projects that take a long time. So here we go! Enjoy the blog and hopefully I can inspire you to create some new awesome things for your home.