Villain Silhouette Photos and Magic Mirror

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first of my Disney Villain/ Evil Queen posts. I found some inspiration from a poison apple figure and I just kind of ran with it. I started off thinking I was just going to make a themed centerpiece for my dining table but it kind of spiraled from there. The first thing I pictured was having some silhouette pictures in the middle of the table. These didn’t turn out how I had imagined at all, but I love them. Originally I just wanted them to be printed on transparency paper but I didn’t like the fact that you could see through it, so I just found some Cricut paper I had laying around and it worked perfectly. The details are below. Happy crafting!

Supplies Needed

  • Wooden Frame
  • Rose Gold Paint (I bought a single one in the store)
  • Puffy paint (I used gold T-shirt puffy paint because I had that laying around. So you could really use any, but the gold color made it easy to paint over)
  • Paint Brush
  • Cricut paper (I used a dark blush color card stock, shimmer paper in sparkly black and wine, and a clear overlay with dots. I went crazy when I got a Cricut years ago and bought a bunch of paper and materials on clearance, so I don’t know where to find exactly what I used anymore)
  • Maleficent and Evil Queen/Snow White SVG Files
  • Mirror
  • Mirror Mirror SVG
  • Gold Vinyl
  • Glue

How to Make the Silhouette Frames

I wanted to find a frame with some texture but I wasn’t about to pay a lot for it. When I went to Michaels, I found this wooden frame for 99c and I was like that’s it! I can make my own designs on it. I just used my imagination and drew on the wooden frame with the puffy paint. You can really make it your own here and use any design you want.

After the puffy paint was completely dry, I painted it with the rose gold paint, waited for it to dry and painted a second coat to completely cover the wood.

While this was drying, I cut the images out with my Cricut using the SVGs linked above. I cut the images out of black shimmer paper and the lips out of wine shimmer paper. The Evil Queen’s lips don’t fit exactly on the image from the SVG file. It was a little difficult to do in the Cricut program, but I just cut the image with scissors to where it would fit on top of the black lips. It’s a very easy cut, but just keep that in mind when you are putting it together. I then cut the blush card stock and clear overlay to fit in the photo frame and glued the silhouette images to the clear overlay. When everything was dry, I put it in the photo frame and that’s it! You have some awesome, hand crafted, Evil Queen/ Snow White images.

How to Make the Mirror

This one is pretty straight forward. I bought the mirror from Amazon, painted it with two coats of the same rose gold paint as the frames and then put the vinyl “Mirror Mirror” saying onto the mirror. The SVG file uses the Waltograph font. You can download it from the link and install it onto your computer so you can use it on Cricut Access.

There you have it, a super cute silhouette image and mirror. Good luck crafting and please tag me in your finished products!

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