Halloween Candle Holders

Happy Saturday and almost Halloween! I know I’ve been totally slacking on the blog posts lately. I’ve been traveling and working lots of weekends which left me no time for blogging. But the good news is my travel schedule is slowing down a bit and the holidays are here, which means I have tons of crafts to share. I’m going to try to get as many Halloween crafts as I can in the next couple of days. I know it’s going to be too late for this year but please pin them or save them for ideas for next year. I’m starting with an adorable craft I found on Pinterest from TheKeeperofCheerios.com and knew I had to have them to decorate my table. She even includes templates for some of the accent pieces, which is awesome. The only thing I added was a cat and a pumpkin face to my pumpkin glass.

Where to Buy the Supplies…

Wine glasses (I used old glasses I had around my house but Walmart sells a pack of 1 for like $10 or the dollar store has some too)
Glitter Blast Spray Paint from Michaels (I used Citrus Dream, Diamond Dust, Orange Burst, Starry Night and Grape)
Felt pieces for the accents
Bolts for Frankensteins Head
Sparkly spiders also found at Michaels
Halloween Ribbon
Black and Red Sharpies
Battery Operated Candles (I found the sparkly black ones at Michaels)

How to Create the Candle Holders…

First things first, make sure your wine glasses are clean and totally dry. I’m not very patient when spray painting and I tend to go thick right away which is not always best. You definitely need to be careful when using the glitter spray paint because it will bubble and drip if you go too fast. I found it was easiest to spray the stems first with the wine glasses standing up. This way any extra that I did put on the glasses dripped towards the bottom of the stem, which you don’t end up seeing because the glasses are displayed upside down. I did a few coats leaving time for them to dry in between. When the stem was dry, I flipped the glasses over and sprayed the bottom of the wine glass stem and also went a little onto the cup itself. That way when I sprayed the final color onto the wine glass, the colors blended nicely into one another.


I’m not sure why but I had more issues with the diamond dust spray paint. It tended to bubble up and drip more than the other colors, so be careful when you spray this one!

After the glasses were dry it was time for the accents. I cut the accents out of felt. Again, the link in the intro above has a template you can use, but I just freehanded it (sorry the cat has no template, but it’s pretty straightforward). I then drew the faces on with a sharpie and used some hot glue to attach the bolts and the spiders. For the mummy, I cut a piece of cheesecloth and used my glue gun to wind it around the glass leaving a space for his eyes. I tied left over ribbons from another project to the vampire and the pumpkin and glued a purple ribbon around the bottom of the cat for the collar. There you have it, adorable Halloween wine glass, candle holders. I put them on a spider web table runner from Home Goods to give them a Halloween background. I get compliments on these all the time and they weren’t super hard to make! There are so many fun other wine glass creatures you can find on Pinterest too. Let me know what characters you created with your wine glass candle holders!


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