DIY Sparkle Spider Webs

Happy Saturday! I am taking this week to share a non-Evil Queen themed post. I have an area in my decorating with a bunch of spiders so I wanted to add some cute spider webs to it. I found these adorable jewel spiders and wooden spider webs at JoAnne Fabrics and decided that’s exactly what I was missing!

Supplies Needed

How to Make the Spider Webs

Again, this is a super easy project. I didn’t take the rope off the web before spray painting it because I was lazy and also because I don’t plan on hanging them. I just spray painted a few coats of black and orange on the spider webs, let them dry, and then did the other side. Once everything was dry, I just removed the hanging ribbon from the ornament spiders and glued them onto the web. That’s it! A super easy and cute DIY project.

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