Color Changing Ghosts

Woo hoo! It’s finally October, which means not only is it almost Halloween, 2020 is getting closet to being over. Today I’m sharing a super quick and easy project I made late last year. I actually got the idea for the ghosts from Pinterest and the blog One Good Thing. She does a great job of laying out the steps, but since it’s so simple, I’ll review what I did here as well. I added some colorful lights underneath so it looks like the ghosts are changing colors. I keep these above our kitchen cabinets and they are so cute!

Materials Needed

How to Make the Ghosts

First, set up your ghost template. I used mason jars with a pumpkin on top but you could use a cup and a ball or anything you have that resembles a ghost shape.

Once that is set up, cut a piece of cheesecloth and drape it around the mason jar and pumpkin. Make sure you put a few layers around it and also bunch the cheesecloth up around the bottom so the ghost will stand by itself.

Next, spray the crap out of it with heavy starch. I let it dry and repeated multiple times to make sure it was really stiff. After a few times, I took the mason jar and pumpkin out from underneath and sprayed the free standing ghosts a few times with light coats this time, just to get the shape.

When it’s done, you will have free standing cheesecloth!

Once it was dry, I cut out different faces from my foam sheets and hot glued the faces on. We have two different sets of color changing lights, one on our main set of cabinets to highlight our fall pumpkins and one over our small cabinets. We love these lights because we can make them any color we want. During the year, it normally stays white, for Halloween we change one side to orange and the other to multi color flashing for the ghosts and for Christmas we change it to blue for a snow scene. They are very versatile and a quick and easy way to decorate for each season. All we do is put the ghosts above our cabinet and change the lights to color changing and now we have adorable, color changing ghosts! I can’t upload videos here but I do have them on my instagram page, so come follow me and check them out!

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