Dollar Store Ice Cream Lights

Hello! Next up in candy land crafts, ice cream lights. I wasn’t really planning on making these but while I was in Dollar Tree looking for supplies for my outdoor cupcakes, I ran across the supplies to make these and I love them so much. These literally take a few minutes to make and this will be the shortest blog ever.


  • Clear glitter ornaments
  • Ice Cream Containers
  • Small Red Ornaments
  • Tea Lights (if you are using these inside the glitter ornaments actually have lights you can turn on yourself, but I am using them outside and wanted to use timed lights)
  • Clear Protectant Spray if you are putting them outsider
  • Hot glue
  • Rocks

How to Make the Ice Cream Lights

The only thing I did was glue the sparkly red ornaments to the top of the clear glitter ornament. Once that was dry, I sprayed it with a few coats of clear protectant spray to help protect it from the elements.

I then put paver base rocks in the ice cream cone base to give it some stability and protect it from the wind, the tea light on top of the rocks, put the ball on the top and that’s it! We have ice cream lights. Can’t get any easier than that.

Update: these tea lights didn’t last too long outside. I might have to find another option in the future. I will update you and let you know!

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