DIY Lollipops

Happy Saturday! Today I’m sharing a project that I love and I can’t wait to put outside- outdoor lollipops. I’ve seen many different versions of these on Pinterest and I thought about using pool noodles but I didn’t feel like wrestling with the pool noodles so I made some different versions instead. These are a little time consuming, but they are worth it.


  • Foam Discs
  • Paper Lanterns
  • Pom Poms (I bought mine from Meijer)
  • Colored Mesh Tubing
  • White and Red Mesh Tubing (couldn’t find the exact link)
  • Ribbon (I bought sparkly ribbon from the dollar store)
  • Cellophane
  • Hot glue
  • Dowel rods (I bought some on sale from JoAnne Fabrics)
  • Pipe cleaners

How to Make The Lollipops

Swirl Lollipops

These lollipops turned out so cute! I used the foam disc and hot glue, and just wrapped the mesh tubing in a swirl pattern around the disc. I did one color at a time. I thought about using rope for this project but these mesh tubes were awesome because they can get bigger or smaller depending on your space which made it turn out way better. At the end, I just pulled it a little tighter and brought it to a point.

I decided I wanted some shorter lollipops to put in planters outside, so I cut a few dowel rods in half. Once that was done, I glued a dowel rod onto the back of the disc, covered it in duct tape, wrapped it in cellophane and tied it with a pipe cleaner and a ribbon.

Pom Pom Lollipops

These were super easy. I just glued the pom poms onto the foam disc! Next, I hot glued the dowel rod onto the back and covered it in duct tape for extra security before wrapping it in cellophane and tying with a ribbon.

Paper Lantern Lollipops

I just put the paper lantern together, glued the dowel rod onto it and then wrapped it in cellophane. I then tied it with a ribbon and they were done.

There you have it! We have a bunch of adorable lollipops! I have heard that the dowel rods are not the best to use and PVC pipes might be better. We will see how they hold up.

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