Kitchen Storage Jars

Happy Friday everyone! This project was not even on the radar for a blog post for a while but I happened to look in my kitchen last week and notice that all of my kitchen storage jars had ingredients I don’t use anymore and couldn’t even remember buying… pretty gross! So I took this opportunity to snap a few picture, put things I actually use in the jars and share with you how I made them.

Why I Created the Jars…

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make some jars but I really wanted something to put on my counters to store my most frequently used ingredients and I just couldn’t find what I needed. I assumed I could buy some so I started looking online. I looked on Amazon, Target, Walmart, Wayfair, Etsy, you name it and I couldn’t find what I wanted. Most of the time I could only find expensive, ugly jars that said Flour or Sugar and then other random things I never use. I started thinking about it and realized I could probably make these myself. So I headed to the store to see what I could find!

Where to Buy the Materials…

I went all over the place looking for jars that were cute, wouldn’t break the bank and would fit what I wanted. I checked Target, Walmart and Michaels with no luck. I then went to Joanne Fabrics and found exactly what I was looking for! I wanted multiple jars of different sizes so I bought 8 jars (I have no idea how much they cost, but they weren’t terribly expensive, especially if you use coupons). I was trying to decide how I wanted to label my jars. I thought I could use marker, paint, puffy paint, but realized I would probably want to change up the ingredients every now and then, so chalk labels were probably the best option. I found these adorable chalk board vinyl stickers ($4) pictured below which were exactly what I was looking for. As an added plus, the vinyl is  removable if I ever decide to change these jars into something else. I then picked up a white chalk marker (~$5) and was on my way.


Side Tip: Joanne Fabrics always has coupons and they accept competitor coupons so make sure you check online before you go!

Creating the Jars…

Again, not rocket science! I got home, washed the jars, made sure they were completely dry and then did my best to guess what the middle of each jar was and stuck on the labels. (Some of the jars have stuff in them because i was redoing the labels this week).

Jars blank

Jars with the labels in the center

Now is probably the hardest part: deciding what to put in the jars and writing on them. Obviously I had to have flour and sugar, that is just a staple in the kitchen. I also started a ketogenic diet recently so I have weird flours now like coconut flour and almond flour so I knew I wanted these in the jars. I then looked through my pantry to decide what I use most often or was taking up a lot of space and decided on oats, toasted pumpkin seeds (these things are amazing on salads), quinoa and Himalayan salt. To do the writing I literally googled “Fun Fonts”, found a font that I liked and did my best to copy it onto each label. For this project I chose the font Curly Girl, which looks like this:

Now the nice thing about these jars is that when you screw up you can just take a wet paper towel, wipe it off and start over. When I started writing “Flour” here you see that I ran out of room so I had to start over.


Oops! I ran out of room.

After getting the writing where I wanted it, here are the finished jars! Super fast, easy and cheap project to help organize your kitchen and keep items you frequently cook with on hand.


The finished project!


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