Half Bath Remodel & Wall Stencil

Hello everyone! I’m super excited to share my next project with you: Half bath remodel with a stenciled accent wall.

Why Remodel the Bathroom…

This is pretty self explanatory. Just look at the pictures!

Yuck!! This bathroom is tiny, super boring and has no character what-so-ever. I knew we had to do something to jazz it up since this would be the most frequently used bathroom in our house. I started playing on Pinterest to get an idea of what I wanted and decided I liked the look of a stenciled accent wall.

Painting the Bathroom…

First things first, we had to get rid of those horrid fixtures and off-white walls. We removed the towel rack and toilet paper holder, patched up the holes, let it dry and sanded the patched areas lightly to make them smooth again. For the color choice, we had left over paint for our bedroom and while normally I would shy away from using a darker color in such a small space, I thought it would make the bathroom look more elegant. The color we used for our bedroom and bathroom was Graystone from Benjamin Moore. I used two coats and definitely love the way it turned out! I also repainted all of the trim and the doors because they were also a gross off-white color. I didn’t use anything fancy here, just Benjamin Moore semi-gloss white. Painting the trim and doors really made the color of the wall stand out.


Finished wall. Don’t mind Pooping Batman, I had to let my husband have something in the bathroom. 🙂

Where to Buy the Materials…

After the base was dry, it was time to do the stencil! I searched for different stencils and settled on this one ($17) from Etsy.


Stencil purchased from Etsy

The colors I used to complete the stencil ended up being an experiment (I’ll get to that later). I didn’t want a crazy wall in the bathroom with a stark difference in color. I wanted the wall to be neutral and add something extra to the space. I learned about paint crystals and was SUPER excited. Anyone who knows me, knows I love sparkles so putting sparkles on the wall sounded awesome (I got sparkles, my husband got pooping Batman). I also read that using a glaze makes the stencils a little easier to work with. I decided to just use the glaze ($8) below with the paint crystals ($8) thinking it would give the wall a shiny, sparkle stenciled look.

I picked up a small roller ($5) and was on my way to create my masterpiece!

You will also need a paint tray for this project but we had a bunch at home. You will also need another color but I’ll get to what I used later. 

Stenciling the Wall…

I got home, whipped out the paint tray and started mixing. Now the directions on the paint crystals say the pack is supposed to go in an entire gallon but I wanted sparkles! So I made up my own directions and used the whole pack of crystals in less than a pint of the glaze. I mixed it up and the paint was ready to go. I took the stencil, lined it up in the top right corner and taped it to the wall with painters tape. I then put a little of the glaze mix on my paint roller and rolled it across the stencil (Little is the keyword here. If your paint is too thick, it will run and not actually look like the stencil). When I was finished with the first stencil panel, I took it down and realized you couldn’t see it at all! In my head this idea was awesome, but the finished product wasn’t what I pictured.

I did some brainstorming to figure out what I could add to the mixture so I could see the stencil but again, not really make it stand out on the wall. We painted our master bath a lighter version of the Graystone (I don’t remember the exact color but it was one of the options on the same paint card) and had some left over. I found the small can of paint, dumped some of it into my glaze mix (super scientific measurements here), mixed it up well and tried again. I made sure to have a lot of extra paint because I knew I would not be able to make the same color again! This time you could actually see the stencil but because it was a lighter version of the same color and diluted with glaze, it still had a soft look and not a stark color change on the back wall. Yay!! It worked.


After I finished the stencil, I took it gently off the wall, wiped off the back with a cloth (super important so you don’t get random paint spots all over your wall) and continued stenciling the whole wall. In order to get it lined up correctly, I would line up one row of the stencil with a completed row and continue taping and painting. The paint dries pretty quickly, so I didn’t find that this messed up any of the completed stencils. The nice thing about the glaze too is that if you do screw up and get a little on the wall, you should be able to wipe it off without leaving a mark! I finished the whole wall before finishing the left edge. For the left side of the wall, I again lined up the stencil with an already completed row, marked with a pencil where it should be cut and then cut the stencil where it hit the wall.

Viola! Stenciled wall complete. I absolutely love this wall. It’s decorative, not over the top and it has a little sparkle that adds so much to this previously, super crappy bathroom. It’s hard to see the sparkle in the pictures, but it’s there. I definitely don’t regret using the whole package of paint crystals; it’s just what I wanted! I found a small white shelf and candles at Home Goods and the wall was complete.

Wall after

Finished stenciled accent wall

Replacing the Fixtures…

If you want to learn how to replace fixtures, you will be disappointed in this post. What I’m good at is picking out the fixtures, my husband is good at installing them. I’m sure searching Google and YouTube will help you out with that! We bought a new Kohler toilet because the current toilet was disgusting and broken. We went with the model that had a night light and a built in fan! Ridiculous I know, but they are awesome.

The sink was a little more difficult to find. I hated the pedestal sink because it was off-white which now looked weird with a white toilet and white trim. We searched a lot of different places and finally found this small sink from Menards (~$250). It fit perfectly in the bathroom and really gave it an elegant upgrade. As an added bonus, I now had storage in the bathroom!

sink after

The new sink and faucet fixtures give the bathroom an upgraded look

We also replaced the lights, faucet, towel rack and toilet paper holder with ones that matched the rest of the house. We had to replace the knobs (found at Lowes) on the sink because they were a shiny silver and everything else we had was brushed nickel.

Ta Da! Completely updated half bath.

The bathroom is super tiny so it’s hard to get in there to get a good picture.

Let me know if you have stenciled any walls or try this project!

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