Evil Queen and Snow White Pillows

Hey everyone! It’s back to talking about my Evil Queen theme. As I mentioned a while ago, this idea went from just a centerpiece to making my whole great room themed. I wanted some pillows but I already have too many holiday pillows and don’t have anymore storage. As a result, I decided just to make some pillow covers for pillows I already have. I will preface this project by saying this is probably some of my sloppiest work and they are not well made, but they get the job done. I hate sewing. I don’t have the time or the patience for it so as a result, I used glue. If these were everyday pillows, it wouldn’t work, but for pillows on couches and chairs where no one actually sits, it’s perfect!

Supplies Needed

How to Make the Pillows

As I mentioned, I’m lazy. I put the pillow onto the fabric, did a real rough estimate and cut it into squares. From there, I turned the fabric inside out and glued two sides of it, leaving the bottom open to slide the pillow in for the purple and green pillow and the side open for the small black pillow. Make sure you are careful with the glue because if you get any on the fabric, it will show. One of my green pillows definitely shows it, but it hides behind the purple one so I don’t notice it.

I let it dry for at least 4 hours (glue package directions). I then tested them to make sure they actually fit on the pillow. Next, I ironed the fabric to get rid of the wrinkles and then ironed on the images. The large pillows were pretty straightforward. The small pillows, I cut the silver apples and then the green poison apple. You can’t layer foil because it wrinkles the foil (believe me, I’ve tried and it doesn’t work) so I put the green apple in the middle of the two silver apples and ironed them on together.

Be sure to let the foil completely cool before pulling it off or it could wrinkle. Once everything was cool, I put the pillows into the pillow cases. The purple and green pillow cases were done! For the black pillows, I hot glued the ruffles onto the outside of the pillow. Again, not the most permanent option but it worked for this purpose. There you have it! Adorable, no sew, Disney Villain/ Snow White pillows!

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