Decorative Skulls

Happy October! It’s officially spooky season, despite the fact that I’ve been sharing Halloween projects since August, ha ha. I’m once again sharing some super simple craft ideas. I bought a case of skulls from dollar tree thinking they were larger and plastic (I don’t read descriptions) and when these showed up on my door, I was like hmmm, what do I do with them? After going to a few stores and seeing these adorable skulls with pearls or rhinestones on them, I decided that’s exactly what I should do with mine!

Supplies Needed

  • Skulls
  • Pearls
  • Glue (I used this because I had it left over from other projects but it worked really well)
  • Tweezers

How to Make the Skulls

This is really a simple project and you probably know what I’m going to tell you just by looking at the picture… you take the pearls and glue them onto the skull. I will share some helpful tips though! The pack of pearls I got had all different sizes. I found it was easiest to put all the large pearls on first. I held it in my hand, put a little glue on the back, and put them where I wanted (limiting it to about 3-4 large pearls per skull). I then continued down the line of sizes, using the smallest pearls at the end to fill in holes and make the project look complete. I used the tweezers for everything smaller than the largest pearl and I put a squirt of glue on a paper plate. I just dipped the little pearl in the glue and then placed it on the skull. This does get some glue on the tweezers, so when they started getting too sticky, I would wipe them off on a paper towel. I didn’t have any acetone nearby, but that might’ve been helpful to keep my tweezers clean. Don’t use nice or expensive tweezers because these will still end up coated in glue. The pearls can be slid around or repositioned immediately when you put them down to get them into the right spot, but the glue dries quickly so you can’t go back and reposition it later (it also leaves a little glue trail which isn’t a big deal if it’s a small slide, but it could be if you have to slide it a big distance). Hopefully those tips make this project a little easier for you. Now go create some awesome skulls!

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