Evil Queen Heart Box

It’s time for some more Disney Villain craft sharing! I of course had to make the box where the Queen stores her heart. This craft does require some freehand painting. I was going to cut materials out with the Cricut but then changed my mind and decided to try to paint it. It’s not perfect but it still came out pretty cute. I did cut the heart with the sword from the Cricut because there is no way I’m making that. The box isn’t really functional, but I wasn’t going for that either.

Supplies Needed

  • Wooden Box (I used this one because I needed a smaller box for where I’m putting it, but there are some other cool boxes too)
  • Paint (I used Craft Smart in the colors Wine and Turquoise, and Martha Stewart Craft paint in metallic Gold because I had that in my house)
  • Heart SVG File
  • Black thick sharpie
  • Glossy Clear Coat spray paint
  • Gold Cricut Shimmer Paper
  • 2 Blue Rhinestones (I had a rhinestone nail kit that I bought years back but you can find rhinestones at any craft store)
  • Thin gold marker/ sharpie/ Cricut pen
  • Glue
  • Paint Brush

How to Make the Box

I didn’t do a great job taking pictures as I went through this process, I sort of forgot. The steps are pretty straightforward through. I first painted the whole box with two coats of wine paint.

Once that was dry, I painted the blue in the front with the lid open. It’s almost like a rectangle oval shape. I googled pictures and just did my best to replicate it. The good news is if you screw up (which I did quite a few times) a few coats of wine paint over it covers it right up! I had to do a few coats of blue to make sure to cover up the wine color under it. Next, I painted the shark tooth shapes with a few coats of gold. I then painted blue rectangles on the sides of the box (I actually forgot to do this and spray painted it first, but it looks way better with the sides painted than without). Once everything was touched up and painted, I outlined the front with a black sharpie. I spray painted the whole thing with a couple of coats of clear coat and then went to cut the heart with my Cricut. I glued some rhinestones onto the sword drew a little V where the heart and sword meet up on the top and bottom with a thin gold marker. When everything was dry, I hot glued the heart to the box. Now I have an Evil Queen box for my decorations!

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