Dollar Tree Skeleton Hand Bowl

Hey everyone! I’ve decided to write two blogs this weekend since my last one was very short and also tailored to people with 3D printers. I’m super excited to share this craft with you. It turned out way better than I expected and was such a hit in my halloween groups, I knew I needed to write the blog quickly to share the instructions and the supplies.

Supplies Needed

How to Make the Bowl

I bought a case of Dollar Tree skeleton hands before really thinking about what I was going to do with them. I also went to Michaels and fell in love with the Krylon Color Morph spray paint. I’m kind of a sucker for iridescent or sparkly things. I didn’t know I had to have black under it for the color to show up, I was lucky I had some black spray paint at home. I tried both glossy and matte spray paint and really liked the glossy look. I spray painted the hands with a few coats of black, then a few coats of the color morph, and sealed it with some clear coat. The paint was chipping pretty easily before putting the clear coat on so I would definitely not recommend skipping this step.

Once the paint was dry, I was playing with them and trying to figure out what I wanted to do and I noticed they curled up a little and I was like, oh, let’s make a bowl! I lined up the hands around the plate to make sure I had the spacing right before gluing it down.

Once the spacing was right, I took some hot glue and glued it to the plate. That’s it, super easy but also an awesome project. It looks so cool on my table and reminds me of a high end decorative item. I normally put these pumpkins in a bowl I have sitting out year round, but they look so much cooler in the skeleton hand bowl.

There were a lot of ideas thrown out in my halloween group about making a wreath or putting a mirror in the middle and hanging it on a wall which could be cool. I have some extra silver hands so I might make one for the wall as well. Enjoy this super cheap and easy craft and as always, please tag me or share your finished product. I love to see what everyone is making!

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