DIY Pumpkin Topiary

Hi friends and happy fall! November is almost over and it’s almost time for all my fun Christmas crafts but first I want to share a project that I made years ago but finally made it more stable this year- the pumpkin topiary. I made these after our wedding three years ago with left over pumpkins from my centerpieces, but I just hot glued them together so every year I had to put them back together because they would fall over or the cat would knock them over and they would fall apart. Now, they aren’t going anywhere!


  • 1 dowel rod (I bought mine on sale at Joanne Fabrics)
  • Rocks or something heavy for the bottom
  • 3 Pumpkins (Medium sized ones from Michaels)
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Leaves, moss, flowers, rhinestones (anything you want to decorate the pumpkins with. For my rhinestones, I used the pumpkin decorating sticky pack. I bought these years ago so I idon’t have any links)
  • Hot glue
  • Drill and a saw
  • Vinyl for the “Welcome” sign or your last name
  • Base

How to Make the Topiary

This is actually a very easy project. If you are using gold pumpkins, spray paint two of them and let them dry. Next, cut the top off of one gold and one white pumpkin. Clean the pumpkin you want to use for the vinyl and attach your vinyl saying to the white pumpkin either yourself if you have a Cricut or following the instructions from where you bought them. I actually didn’t have a Cricut when I made these so I bought the vinyl off of Etsy.

Next, I filled the base with rocks and put the dowel rod all the way down to the bottom and in the middle to make sure it was stable.

Next, I drilled holes in the bottom of all three pumpkins and put the dowel rod through the bottom to stack them up. After I put two pumpkins together, I used a small hand saw to saw off the dowel rod to the correct size. I then hot glued the pumpkins together so they are really stuck.

Now that the pumpkins were stacked, I put the finishing touches on by stuffing moss into the bottom and gluing flowers and leaves on to decorate it. My second topiary I decorated with rhinestone pumpkin stickies. Just FYI, they don’t stay on well so a lot of them would pop off and I went back and hot glued them on. When I first made the rhinestone one, I put moss on the bottom but this time I decided to use left over leaves from my pumpkin wreath. I didn’t glue them in, but I probably should because the cat keeps stealing them, ha ha. You can also wrap them with fairy lights if you want. These are very customizable and easy to make.

That’s it! You now have some adorable pumpkin topiaries.

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