DIY Fall Wreath

Hi all, happy fall! I hope everyone had happy and safe Halloween. I feel like I planned forever for Halloween decor this year and it’s already over. That just means it’s on to new crafts for fall and Christmas (I have some fun stuff planned for outside this year…. stay tuned). I’ve been looking for a new fall wreath for forever. I had a cheap one I bought from Meijer years ago but it was time for a pretty one. I still had a ton of small pumpkins left over from my wedding so I thought, why not make my own fall wreath? I wasn’t really planning to blog about this, but I was so happy with the way it turned out and it was so easy, I figured I would share since you asked for it!

Supplies Needed

How to Make the Wreath

Making a wreath might seem scary, but it’s actually really easy and hard to screw up. First, spray paint the pumpkins and let them dry. I did this years ago for my wedding decorations and even used some of the to make a fall centerpiece and fall decorations above the cabinets, so I was already done with this part. I then took wire cutter and cut all the leaves, red berries and flowers off of the stems.

Next, I just started gluing. I apologize, since I wasn’t planning on writing a blog, I didn’t actually take pictures of these next few steps but I will explain how I did it. I first glued the pumpkins to the wreath. I just did a mix of white and gold and made sure to evenly space them around the wreath. Then I glued the flowers in also trying to space them as evenly as possible. I made sure to put them at angles around the wreath so they weren’t all facing the same direction. Next, I filled in the orange leaves. I did a mix of each kind and made sure most of the burlap was covered. Make sure you don’t just do the front but also make sure to cover the sides. I glued them in all different angles and positions, but I just really made sure everything was covered. I then went and filled in spots with the green leaves from the ranunculus flowers. Once the wreath was covered and I was happy with how the leaves looked, I glued the gold accents, walnuts, and red berries from the leaves as evenly spaced as I could and also to cover up any areas that looked weird. That’s it, It took me maybe an hour to make and I love it so much!

It looks so pretty on my fireplace with my pumpkins!

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