Halloween Candles

Hello! I made these Halloween candles a few years ago and they were super popular on instagram. Everyone kept asking for the SVG files and I have been slacking majorly on making them available to the public. This DIY project is going to be super easy if you have a Cricut. I will share the materials I used!

Material Needed

  • Witch SVG File *
  • Pumpkin SVG File *
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Fake Candles ( I bought mine years ago at Tj Maxx I think. You can find these pretty much anywhere now. I know JoAnne Fabrics has a ton of them. I used a 5.5″ and 5″ tall with about a 3″ diameter candle)
  • Cricut (or anything that cuts with an SVG file)

*These images were not designed by me. I uploaded them into the design space and cut them out of a rectangle to make the candle wrap. I tried to find the location of the original images and I can’t. I apologize to the original creator and if anyone runs across the location of these, please let me know so I can update this page accordingly.

How to Make the Candles

This is going to be the shortest, easiest blog I have ever written. First, download the SVG files and open them in Cricut design space. I roughly sized the Witch SVG file for a 5.5″ tall and a little less than 3″ diameter candle and the Pumpkin SVG file for a 5″ tall and same, less than 3″ diameter.

Candles I used

Feel free to play around with the sizes to fit your candles! I’m pretty lazy when it comes to measuring stuff so I think I got lucky with how well these fit. The witch cutout is a little taller than the candle, but it works.

Next, place black construction paper on a light sticky mat and cut it with a normal blade. Weeding this will take patience. I did have some issues with the blade not going all the way through the paper and there were a few areas that ripped or were not as smooth and I wanted it to be. But in the end, I actually like the way that turned out because it’s a Halloween candle. (If you have tips for cutting construction paper with the Cricut, please share!)

Once that is done, just place it around your candles and glue it together (I shouldn’t have to say this but DO NOT USE NORMAL CANDLES. It will obviously burn the paper and I don’t want you to set your house or anything else on fire). I actually glued the edges of the paper together because I use the candles year round, so I just slip the paper on and off for Halloween.

This picture was actually taken this year, so these things are going on year 3!

If you want to make these permanent, I don’t see any issues with gluing it straight to the candle. That’s it! You now have adorable Halloween Candles.

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