Tea Cup Diaper Cake

Hey all! Today I’m sharing how to make your own tea cup diaper cake. My best friend was pregnant with her second daughter and I threw a little sprinkle shower at a super cute tea house so I wanted to put together a diaper cake that matched the theme. I didn’t use any diapers in this cake because her first daughter needed special diapers so I wasn’t going to mess with trying to find the ones just in case she ran into the same issues. I stuffed the hats with wash cloths but you can definitely use diapers instead and honestly, it would probably hold up better.

Materials Needed

  • Plate, bowl or box (I found a plastic serving bowl on sale at Party City)
  • Infant Hats
  • Wash clothes (or diapers if you prefer)
  • Bunny (or stuffed animal of choice)
  • Plastic Fruit (not necessary but thought they added a nice touch)
  • Shredded paper or decorative paper for the plate
  • Fake flowers
  • Safety pins
  • Pink and white craft foam sheets

How to Make the Diaper Cake

First things first, you have to stuff the hats! I bought these cute hats off of Amazon (link in materials) and they came with gloves too. I stuffed the wash clothes in the hat until I thought the hat was sturdy enough to sit on its own.

After I stuffed all the hats, I used safety pins to attach the hats to each other to form a stack. I cut out handles from the foam craft sheets and pinned it to each hat. I used the matching gloves and stuffed it in the top of the “cup” so it looked more uniform and not just a hat stuffed with a wash cloth.

The hats do not stand up well on their own which is why I decided to buy a stuffed animal that could stand up on its own for support. I did use a safety pin to attach the cups to the bunny so it was more stable. Once the cups and rabbit were on the plate, I put on the finishing touches. I put a fruit bath toy in the top of the cup along with some fake flowers and used the shredded paper and the left over fruit on the bottom. I think it turned out super cute!

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