Super Mario Bombs

Hey everyone, I’m finally back to blogging! It has been a busy year and I haven’t done much crafting because we have been doing some huge remodeling projects in our house. We redid our master bath and guest bath, tore down our deck, cut a new door in our lower area of the house and put in a patio! I will be sharing photos of how we designed everything soon. But now, the house is no longer a construction zone and I’m back to doing some fun crafts to share with you. Today I’m sharing how to make Super Mario Bombs!

Materials Needed

  • Foam balls
  • Foam craft sheets in gray, yellow and white
  • Mason jar lid (just the outer ring)
  • Black paint (acrylic, not spray paint)
  • Wine cork
  • Rope
  • Wooden skewers (optional but makes it easier to paint)
  • Hot glue

How to Make the Super Mario Bombs

This is actually a super easy project! I first took the foam balls and put a wooden skewer in it so it would be easier to hold while I painted it.

I tried to spray paint these but it failed miserably. Apparently spray paint melts foam, who knew? Maybe you did, but I certainly did not. So I tried again with acrylic black paint and it looked way better.

While the balls were drying, I cut out the eyes, feet and wind-up mechanism out of the crafting foam sheets. I didn’t use a template here because the shapes were pretty simple but you can find a coloring book image and use that to trace the images on the foam if you want to.

Next, I cut out a yellow circle and used that to glue the feet together. Once the foam ball and feet were dry, I glued the foam ball to the yellow circle attaching the feet together.

I then glued the eyes and winding mechanism to the ball. At this point, I noticed the the ball was still not standing up well so I took a wine cork, cut it down and glued it to the lower back of the ball to keep it standing up and steady. You can see I did a little sliding around of the cork once I put it on just to make sure it was in the right spot.

Once that was set, I put the top together. I just glued the rim of a mason jar to the top of the ball, covered it with a gray circle cut out of craft foam, and then attached a piece of rope to the top.

That’s it! You now have a Super Mario Bomb. Pretty simple right??

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