Fall Decor Ideas

Hello everyone! I know I’m writing about fall posts when it actually feels like winter outside. Where the heck did fall go?? I’m not a fan of this snow in November thing going on. Either way, technically it’s still fall and still too early to decorate for Christmas so I’m sharing some fall decor ideas using left over Halloween decorations and maybe even a few things just laying around your house.

Cupcake Pumpkin Stand


We recently purchased this serving buffet and I wanted a fun, simple way to decorate it. If you’ve read some of my other posts, you know I had a bunch of pumpkins for our wedding and needed ways to reuse them. Digging around my basement, I found this cupcake stand that I probably got on sale at Michaels or Meijer and decided to repurpose it for a pumpkin display. I used the pumpkins I bought from Amazon and spray painted gold and white and just put them on the stand. I also found this pumpkin potpourri set with mini gold pumpkins, gold accents and walnuts at Home Goods a few years ago so I used some of the gold pieces from that to accent my pumpkin display.

I had some extra mini pumpkins, walnuts and gold accent pieces so I put them into the vases (also left over from my wedding which you can find from the dollar store). I think it turned out super cute!


Above the Cabinet Kitchen Decor


For this decoration piece, I had these two large pumpkins, which I had used to hold my cards for our wedding (an idea I stole from Pinterest) and I decided to turn them around so you couldn’t see the slot and use my Cricut to cut “Hello Fall” out of gold vinyl. I then surrounded it with two small, white pumpkins and two decorated in gold pumpkin accents that I also found at Michaels.


I filled the vases I normally have on top of my kitchen with more gold and white pumpkins.


I found this awesome leaf garland at JoAnne fabrics and it added the perfect touch of fall to the cabinets. I also have color changing lights on top of my cabinets at all times, which works out quite nicely for fall since I can just change the color to orange. There you have it, a super easy way to reuse some pumpkins and bring a fall look to your kitchen.


Pumpkin Vases

We used pumpkin vases for our centerpieces at our wedding so I had a ton  left over.


I used a few in the pumpkin topiaries but I kept a couple of them to use around the house. These are fun because you can just take the white Michaels pumpkins and spray paint or paint them any color you want! I just some floral foam and some fall flowers when they were on sale and put the floral arrangements together. Super simple!


Decorative Pumpkins

I needed another pumpkin for a small table in the living room, so I just used this mini pumpkin from Michaels and some puffy paint to create this look. Nothing fancy, but it looks pretty cool on the table.


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