Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece

Hey everyone! I was going to write this post last week, but we ended up getting a tiny adorable puppy named Daisy, so I was a little distracted. She’s actually laying on my arm right now as we speak. Isn’t she the cutest??

Ok, now onto the reason why you actually came here. I’m super excited to share a project  I created last year, the pumpkin centerpiece. I hosted Thanksgiving last year and of course needed a centerpiece to make my table beautiful. I saw this centerpiece in Home Goods, but it was $40 and to me, it looked a little cheap and small.


We also had a ton of left over small pumpkins from our wedding, so I decided to repurpose them and make a centerpiece of my own.

Where to Buy the Supplies…

Wood for the box from Lowes (I made mine 36″x7″)
Floral Foam from the Dollar Store
Small Pumpkins
Gold and White Spray Paint
Gold Pumpkin candle holders or candle holder of choice (I actually found mine on a great sale on Zulilly. They are the same as the amazon ones but a lot cheaper)
Fake Leaves from JoAnne Fabrics or Michaels
Fake Candles (I found the gold sparkly ones at Michaels)

How to Create the Centerpiece…

First things first, you need to spray paint the pumpkins in the color you want. I did a few light coats of the white and gold until the orange was hidden. Next, it was time to make the wooden box. We cut a board into two, 36″ pieces for the long sides and 7″ wide for the small sides. Then we just nailed them together, nothing fancy here. I wasn’t planning on using this outside and I was happy with the pattern and color of the wood, so I didn’t treat it with anything.


Next, I used hot glue to glue pieces of the foam to the bottom in a line. My box was a little deep, so I used the floral foam to raise up the surface so I could position and glue the pumpkins where I wanted.  The candle holders were smaller so they needed an extra boost. I measured where I wanted to put the candles and glued small foam pieces on top of the line of foam already in place. I unfortunately did not take a picture of this, but you can see the small piece of foam under the gold pumpkin candle holder in this picture. Once you have all of the small foam pieces glued in, glue the pumpkin candle holders to those.


Now it’s time to put all the pumpkins in. I positioned white and gold pumpkins where I thought they looked best and glued them in. If the pumpkin needed to be higher, I would put a little foam under it. Once the pumpkins were glued in, I filled in the rest with the fake leaves. I just used a mix of sticking them into the floral foam and glueing them in when necessary.


That’s it! Once you have everything filled in with the greenery, I put the candles in and now we have a pumpkin centerpiece. This looked beautiful on the table for Thanksgiving!



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