Panda Baby Shower Ideas

Hey everyone! As a lot of you know because of my recent posts, I threw a baby panda themed baby shower for one of my friends a while ago. I’ve shared how to make the Sushi Diaper Cake and the Baby Panda Cupcakes, but I figured I would share the rest of my decorations to give you some ideas and hopefully some inspiration if you are hosting a baby shower. Most of these crafts were really simple and cheap which is a definite bonus!

Panda Balls

Supplies Needed:

White Honeycomb balls (I found a package of 3 in the Michaels)
Hot Glue

How to Create the Panda Balls…

These were super fun and easy to make! I bought paper balls at Michaels with a 50% off coupon and searched for a baby panda coloring book face and found this picture:


I copied and pasted this image into a word document and resized them until I found a good size for the faces. For the largest ball, I made the face as big as possible on one sheet of paper. This took a few printed pages and some trial and error before I found the sizes I wanted. Once that was complete, I literally just printed the pictures, cut out the eyes, nose, mouth and ears and glued them onto the ball. I tried to trace them onto a piece of cardstock first (which is actually what I ended up using for the large ball), but then I decided it was way more work than it was worth and the normal sheet of paper looked just fine so I went with that.


I hung the pandas on my chandeliers in my house with some pink puffy tissue paper balls as well and they were super cute!


Baby Shower Tree

Supplies Needed:

White Braches from IKEA
Vase filler
Dollar Store Baby shower tags

How to Create the Baby Shower Tree…

This was the easiest project ever! I used these white branches from IKEA ($7) for my wedding centerpieces so I had a basement full of these things. I cut the branches in half to make them the correct size and used the vase fillers that I used from my wedding that I bought on Amazon. The vase I also had laying around my house. So you can see, this was a super cheap project for me. I went to the dollar store for some decor and I found these cute paper tags in the shape of rattles, baby carriages and baby blocks. I decided to take these tags (which already had ribbon on them) and just tie them to the branches to make a baby shower themed tree for the centepiece. The blocks didn’t have ribbons so I used some white ribbon I had left over and tied them to the tree as well. The result was super cute and looked awesome on the table (see picture above).

Take Out Box Favors

Supplies Needed:

Take out Box (JoAnne Fabrics had the cheapest option in pink)
Panda and Pacifier Stickers from JoAnne Fabrics
Pink Ribbon
Chop Sticks
Fillers for the box (optional)


Candy sushi from Party City split into 2
Candy bags for the sushi pieces
Fortune cookies from the grocery store
Ceramic panda chopstick holders

How to Create the Favor Boxes…

For the favors I decided to do some take out boxes and they turned out super cute! These were a little expensive but I didn’t have many guests so it was ok. If you are hosting a large baby shower, these may not be the best option. You can probably find the boxes in bulk, use wooden chopsticks and maybe use some candy or something else to put inside of it if it’s still something you wanted to do! The options are endless.

Anyway, these boxes were very easy to put together. I found adorable baby panda and pacifier stickers at Joanne Fabrics and I stuck one panda in the middle of the box with the sparkly pacifiers on each side of the panda. I then put some box filler in the box for some decorations and filled it with the gifts. I then closed the box, and secured the chopsticks on top with pink ribbon and that was it! The favors were complete.


They looked super cute on the gift table with the pink background that my MOH bought from Etsy for my bachelorette party.


That’s it! Just a few of the crafts I made to help make this shower super cute and not too expensive. I hope you find some inspiration for your baby shower. Did you throw a baby panda themed shower? I would love to hear about what crafts you made!


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