Sushi Diaper Cake

I’m taking a break from sharing Mario crafts to bring you a fun craft I made recently for a friend’s baby shower, the sushi diaper cake. My friend loves sushi and when I saw this diaper cake on Pinterest, I knew I had to make it! I will say now that this is not my idea at all (here is the pin) but I couldn’t find any tutorials on how to make it so I decided to share how I made my own.

Where to Buy the Materials…

There is a lot of freedom here on what you need, but here are the materials I used. I bought the felt at Michaels, diapers and fish at Meijer and the rest on Amazon (links below).


1 sheet of dark green felt
4 sheets of black felt (maybe more depending on how big you make your “cake”)
Diapers, lots and lots of diapers. I got a large pack of Huggies newborn diapers
Wash cloths (I bought these washcloths off my friend’s registry)
Onesies (You can use any one you want, but I thought these baby kimonos were super cute)
White ribbon
Rubber bands
Hot Glue
Some sort of fish, I found sea creature bath toys at Meijer .
Red pom-poms
Thick black ribbon
Octopus toy
A basket, I found mine at Joanne Fabrics

How to Make the Sushi Diaper Cake…

This was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I’ll break it up into sections below:

Sushi Diaper Rolls

I started with rolling a bunch of diapers and securing them with a rubber band.


After rolling the diapers, I cut some black felt rectangles and either rubber banded them together or hot glued them if it was too short (to itself, never to the diaper). To save on the amount of felt I needed, I used thin strips of black so it looked like I covered the whole diaper roll, but in reality I only covered about a third of it.

Caviar Roll

For the caviar roll, I wrapped up four diapers, secured them with a rubber band and wrapped it with black felt, leaving some space to place the pom-poms on top. I then used some hot glue and glued a bunch of red pom-poms together and just placed it on top of the diaper roll.

Sushi Piece

For this piece, I folded three diapers in half, placed the fish bath toy on top and secured it with a rubber band. I then cut out a piece of black ribbon and wrapped the fish, covering the rubber band.

Onesie Sushi Pieces

I wanted to make sushi out of the wash cloths on my friend’s registry as well as add some onesies to the gift. I folded the towel into a “sushi piece” according to the pictures below and secured it with a rubber band.

I folded up three diapers just like on the fish sushi piece and secured it with a rubber band. I also folded the onesies and did the same as the towel. The onesies I basically shoved into a square and held it together with a rubber band. There is really no great way to fold them. I just tried to make them look the best I could! I then used a thin, white ribbon and tied it around the folded onesies to make it look like fish. I rubber banded it to the folded up diapers and secured it with a thick black ribbon.

Sushi Burrito

To create the larger piece that holds all the wash cloths, I just cut out a zig zag pattern and wrapped up the rolled wash clothes.


I assembled everything like the picture below and cut out green “grass” pieces out of felt for accent pieces. I stuck the toy octopus on the back and then threw a few more bath toys to finish the decorations. There you have it, Sushi Diaper Cake!


The day of the shower, I attached a baby girl sticker that I found at Joanne Fabrics!



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