Super Mario Thwomp

Happy Saturday! Last week I shared with you our Bowser Castle Hallway and mentioned that I was making a Thwomp to put on the ceiling…well here it is! I decided to bring a Thwomp in to bring in more castle elements and I figured it would be super cool to have at the top of the stairs.

Where to Buy the Materials…

For this project I used foam sheets in gray, black and white and some Sharpies! That’s it. I bought my foam boards at Michaels but again, you can buy these anywhere. I decided from now on I need to list my supplies because I appreciate that when I’m running around in stores trying to figure out what I need:

Materials Needed

3-4 Gray Foam Sheets (depending how you cut the spikes)
1 White Foam Sheet
2 Black foam sheets
1 Dark Gray Sharpie
1 Black Sharpie
1 Red Sharpie
Duct tape (or other strong tape to hold the foam sheets together)
Ruler (if you want to make straight lines and measure the sketches out)

How to Make a Thwomp…

I started with two black and two gray pieces. I taped each color together with duct tape to make a large black and gray sheet. I cut the corners on the black sheet to make them round and then sketched out the Thwomp’s “body” on the gray piece. I started by making a square around the whole sheet and then measuring the indentations in the middle (pictured below).

Tip: When tracing everything in this project, I always use the back so you don’t see any pen marks!


I cut out the body and lined it up on the black sheet to make sure everything was aligned. IMG_8087

Now it was time for the hard part, making the face. I googled Thwomp pictures and found this image which I based everything off of.

I copied the image, pasted it in a landscape-oriented, word document and enlarged it as big as I could make it to fit on a normal sheet of paper. This of course meant I had to have the eyes and mouth on separate sheets. I printed each piece, lined it up on the foam sheets for spacing and then cut out the eyes and mouth out of the template, as shown below. I then traced the eyes and mouth with a dark gray Sharpie, cut them out of the gray foam sheet and colored in the eyebrow area with my sharpie.

Next, I traced the teeth and eyes using the same printed picture. I cut them out of the foam sheets, drew the eyes on with a black and red sharpie and positioned everything to glue down. When everything was glued down, I lined the teeth picture up with the teeth foam piece and drew a line where each tooth should be.

Now the face was done so it was time to make the spikes. I freehanded a triangle, cut it out to make sure it was the size I wanted and then traced it all over one of the gray sheets.


I then glued everything down with some hot glue and viola! The Thwomp was done.


I love the way it turned out and it looks amazing in the castle hallway!


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