DIY Super Mario Vines

Since I’m sharing super easy crafts this week, my next project to share with you is how to create Super Mario Vines.

Why I Created the Vines…

You can’t have a Super Mario land without a vine! Since our basement isn’t finished I wanted to find a way to cover some of the concrete wall and figured this would be a great way to incorporate floor to ceiling Mario! Not to mention, Luigi needed a home in this basement and we thought having him climb a vine in our doorway would be perfect!


Where to Buy the Materials…

We found the pool noodles just by luck because we started this project in the fall when pool noodles really didn’t exist in stores anymore. Toys R’ Us happened to have the perfect shaped and colored pool noodle for us! We also found Luigi there as well. Now I know Toys R’ Us is almost non-existent but I’m assuming you can find pool noodles anywhere in the summer so it shouldn’t be too difficult. As far as Luigi, you can probably find him on Amazon. I also got a lot of dark green foam sheets, one large light green foam sheet, white foam sheets and hot glue (I used a ton of hot glue for this project). I got the large rectangular foam sheets from JoAnne Fabrics and they worked great for this project.

How to Create the Super Mario Vine…

Now it’s time for the fun part! I started with the actual “vine” itself. I hot glued two pool noodles together and then cut it to get it the correct length. Once it was dry, I hot glued the pool tubes to the wall. Now our walls are concrete so I wasn’t too worried about the hot glue ruining the walls or anything. Once that was dry and ready to go, I made the leaves.  I used a plain sheet of paper, free handed a leaf and then cut it until it was the size and shape I wanted. I used this as a stencil to trace all over the dark green sheets of foam to get as many leaves as I could. I then cut out the leaves and just glued them right to the pool tube.

For the flower head at the top, I tried to find a picture online I could trace but realized that I needed a size that was bigger than a piece of paper, so I just free-handed it. I did the same with the white circles and the lips. For the lips, I found it was easiest to draw half of the lips on the foam sheet and then fold it in half before cutting it. This made sure each side of the lips were even! After everything was cut out, I glued the white dots and the lips to the green flower top before gluing the whole flower head to the vine.

As a finishing touch, we took a zip-tie and tied Luigi to the pool noodle to make it look like he was climbing it. And there you have it, how to make a Super Mario vine!


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