Super Mario Question Block Storage

Hi again! It’s been quite a while since my last blog post. I’ve been running around like a crazy person for work and also for fun for the last three weeks. I got to see my little brother graduate and spend some awesome family time with my mom and grandma in Hermann, MO. I had so much fun but now I’m happy to be back home and not living out of a suitcase. Today I’m going to share a super easy and quick craft with you, Super Mario question block storage cubes.

Why I Created the Question Blocks…

The main reason I created these blocks was because you can’t have a Super Mario room and not have the question blocks. It’s also a super cute way to store loose items or in our case, a bunch of our video game system controllers.

Where to Buy the Materials…

The only things you need are yellow cube storage containers, I bought mine on Amazon ($21), white and black foam sheets, scissors and hot glue. That’s it! You can find these supplies basically anywhere which makes this a really easy project.

How to Create the Question Blocks…

I googled Super Mario question block coloring pages to find the question mark.

From here, I copied and pasted the image into a word doc and printed a few different sizes until I found one that fit nicely on the cube. I then traced it backwards (to avoid pen lines on your finished product) onto the white foam sheet. I cut out the question block, glued it onto the storage cube, and then cut 4 black circles out of the black foam sheet and glued those on the four corners of the storage cube. That’s it! This is probably the easiest Super Mario craft ever.

coin box

Now, one of the things that makes this look super cool in our basement is our TV stand. We actually found a yellow bookshelf from IKEA (KALLAX shelf, $65) which we turned on it’s side and used as a TV stand and a place to store all of our old video game systems. I think it turned out pretty awesome and I love the way it looks in our basement!

full TV

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