Quickly Decorate your Table for Easter

Yay, Easter is almost here! Except, if you are like me, you didn’t realize it was so close and you have people coming over and your table has no decor at all… Ahhhh, the horror! Ok, that might be a little overdramatic. I understand that many people may not care about table decorations, but I appreciate having some holiday decor on my table to bring some festivity to the atmosphere.

Why I Needed to Quickly Decorate my Table…

Well I think I stated my reasoning for why I wanted a decorated table but I was, as usual, on the road again this week after spending the previous week recovering from the flu so I didn’t have much time to put into this. I needed something cheap and easy that I could put together in like 30 minutes or less and still have a beautifully decorated table.

Where to Buy the Materials…

This is completely personal. It depends how extravagant or simple you want to go with your decorations. I chose very basic, simple decorations that would not fall apart in storage because I want to use them again next year. For these decorations, I started with the vases I have on the table for everyday decor and changed a few things out. I bought the decor from JoAnne Fabrics: Sparkly Easter eggs ($2 per pack), adorable Easter sheep ($5 each) and some flowers ($11). That’s it! Easter decor was 60% off, spring flowers were 40% off, I had a 20% off my total purchase coupon and another 15% back with my Ibotta app.

total purchase

Total project cost: $25

It took me a while to decide what kind of flowers to purchase because I wanted to keep these flowers on my table for all of spring and possibly even summer depending on my motivation to change them. You can of course make this step even quicker by grabbing a fresh bouquet of flowers. I love fresh flowers but my cat likes to eat them so we don’t get them often.

How to Decorate the Table…

Year round, I have a large vase in the middle filled with clear crystals left over from our wedding and white flowers, surrounded by two smaller vases filled with apples and two red candles to carry the apple color a little farther and break up all the blue I have going on in our dining room. Nothing fancy! (Please feel free to ignore the horrible fabric on our chairs. That will be changing very soon!)

table before

I started with replacing the flowers. I actually hate the white flowers; I’ve had them since college and they are gross, dirty and ugly. I decided to use some spring flowers to bring some color to the table. I have no idea what kind of flowers I grabbed, I went around the store with different arrangements and decided on some pink, purple, white and yellow flowers. To create the arrangement, I cut each flower off of the bouquet with wire cutters and put them in a pile.

cut flowers

I started with the larger, white flowers in the arrangement and then added the smaller, colorful flowers in the areas I thought looked best. I’m pretty happy with the end result! It looks much more springy and fun than my gross white flowers.

Next, I replaced the apples with the sparkly eggs and put two sheep in the middle. I have a set of silver placemats as well as some crystal candle holders with silver candles that I use for Holidays. Just changing the placemats and candles made the table look more elegant and the addition of the eggs and sheep made the table look very Easter-y!

table after

Next I set the table. For the life of me, I cannot remember how to set a place setting. I don’t know why. It’s just one of those things that does not stick in my brain so I always have to google it. I also wanted to fold the napkins into bunnies but it turns out my napkins are too heavy, so I couldn’t do that. Here is the final place setting:

table setting

Of course everyone has their own dishes and style they like to use but I figured I would share so you have the final look! I didn’t give links to any of my dishes or every day items because I figured you have your own dishes, but if anyone wants to know where we got anything just leave me a comment or send me a message.

final table

The table was now set and ready to go for our Easter meal. This was super cheap, easy and took no time at all!

How are you decorating your table for Easter? I wish you your family a very Happy Easter!

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