Easter Bunny Wreath

Happy Sunday, everyone! I’m finally getting over the flu that hit me last week and man that was a rough one. My immune system finally decided to give up after all the traveling I’ve been doing for work, but I’m happy to say I’m finally feeling better. Yesterday, I realized Easter is a week away and I haven’t shared any fun Easter projects so here is a cute Easter Bunny wreath.

Why I Created the Wreath…

Because Easter things are adorable! Who doesn’t love little bunnies and chicks everywhere? Ok fine, the serious reason is we are having Easter at our house this year and we literally have no decorations up. I needed something to make our house more festive! I had a foam wreath ring from another project and decided to make it an Easter Wreath. I searched on Pinterest for some ideas but all I could find were those plastic egg wreaths. There is nothing wrong with those wreaths and they are super cute, but that wasn’t the look I was going for. So I ventured to my favorite craft store, JoAnne Fabrics to see what I could find to inspire my Easter wreath.

Where to Buy the Materials…

As I said above, I bought everything from JoAnne Fabrics but I’m sure you could find these supplies at Michaels or even Meijer or Walmart. As I wandered around JoAnne’s, I came across a gigantic roll of rope ($11) and decided that was what I was going to use to cover my wreath ring. Since Easter is a week away, all of the Easter stuff was 60% off and I found this adorable, rope wrapped bunny ($7), which I figured would go nicely with the wrapped wreath. I also picked up a bunch of flowers for another Easter project, figuring I would have some left over for this wreath. You will also need ribbon if you want to hang it with ribbon (I had some left over from our wedding), a hot glue gun and a ton of glue sticks (seriously, I think I went through at least a half a pack).

Below are the items I used! The prices I listed were the sale prices. I also had a coupon for another 20% off my total purchase and I used my Ibotta app to get another 15% off my total purchase so I didn’t do too bad!

Total Project Cost: Somewhere around $22 (and I have left over supplies for other projects!)

Creating the Wreath…

This wreath was not difficult to create but it was pretty time consuming to wrap the foam ring with rope. I also learned that as you twist the wreath the rope gets wrapped around the bottom part of it in a strange way (see image below).


I realized I couldn’t just wrap it like I wanted, so I cut large pieces of rope and glued and wrapped each piece onto the ring. I did learn the rope likes to unravel quickly so each time I cut the rope, I would seal both cut ends with hot glue so it didn’t unravel on me. I continued with this process until my wreath was fully wrapped! Now I’m not really sure what I did to make the rope not meet up in the middle, but I did have an unwrapped section that I wasn’t quite sure how to fix.

wrapping finished

I decided that’s where I would glue on my flowers to cover up the unfinished section and it worked! I used wire cutters to cut parts of the flowers off of the stems and glued them onto the wreath.

flowers on wreath

Viola, the unfinished section was now covered.

Next, I glued the bunny onto the wreath, tied a ribbon around the top and my Easter Bunny Wreath was now complete. Pretty easy project if I may say so myself.

finished 1

I used my white wreath hanger to hang it on our front door and now we have some Easter festivity in our house.

finished 2


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