Create your Dream Shoe Room

Welcome to my first blog post! I’m super excited to share all of my crafts and home remodeling projects with you. I decided to start this blog with my absolute favorite room in our house: My Shoe Room. I know a lot of people are always asking me how I put it together so now I will share all my secrets! Thanks for reading my blog and please follow me to be alerted for all of my future posts. I have a lot more to share :).

Why I Created the Shoe Room…

After painting the house, the shoe room was the first project I completed. Ever since I discovered Shoe Dazzle in grad school, I’ve been collecting way too many shoes without a place to put them. I used to store my shoes away in a closet, stacked in their boxes, trying to remember what pairs I had when I went to get dressed for the day. That usually ended in me pulling out piles of boxes, not being able to find the shoes I wanted, being angry because now my shoes were causing me to be late (totally the shoes’ fault, not mine at all) and forgetting about shoes I had. This of course always resulted in a huge mess that I had to go back and organize every few months. It was so frustrating!! I knew when we bought our house I HAD to have a my own “Girl Cave” aka Shoe Room to display my shoes, but I wasn’t about to spend a ton of money making one. Enter Pinterest, my favorite website as you will quickly learn. I spent hours searching through pins to find the perfect way to display my shoes. I found a lot of images of lighted walls of shoes and decided that is what I must have!

Where to Buy the Materials…

We are lucky enough to live about 30 minutes from an IKEA, so I made my journey to the magical warehouse where all cheap house hacks are made. I started with the shelves. IKEA has many shelving options but I decided the white Billy Bookcase Shelves would fit the look I was going for. I bought two OXBERG ($298) (shelves with the glass doors and one Billy Bookcase ($59) without doors (I’ll explain why later). I also bought a few extra shelves ($10 ea.) because I knew I needed to fit a lot of shoes in these bookcases. I then of course made my stop in the cafe for some free coffee (being an IKEA family member is the best) and amazing chocolate cake before venturing into the lighting section. Here I found the DIODER 4-piece strip light ($20) that were perfect for lighting the shelves. They have these in multi-color lights as well, but again, not the look I was going for and the white lights were $10 cheaper. I bought three sets of lights, made the fun journey to the warehouse to collect all my goods and back home I went to start creating my shoe room!

(Fun fact: Certain days of the month IKEA has a special where you get free food if you spend over $100. Nothing better than completing house projects and getting free food at the same time. We may or may not have taken advantage of this quite a few times while completing various house projects).

Time to Build the Shelves…

First things first, I put the main frame and doors together. It took a couple of hours since I had three of them but they were not very difficult to put together. I then started putting the shelves into the book case. I decided on the height of each shelf by literally just taking a shoe and putting it on the shelf to decide how high the next shelf needed to be. The awesome thing about these shelves is they are completely customizable so if you have a lot of flats or super tall boots, they all fit!

After I put all the shelves in, it was time to install the lights. Now the sticky tape that comes with these lights is the absolute worst. I used it and all the lights started falling within a few days. We ended up using scotch double sided mounting tape (thicker double sided tape) for each light strip and it worked much better. My husband drilled a hole in the top side of each shelf (see image below) for the cord, we put the lights though, stuck them to the top of the shelf above it with the sticky tape and viola! Lighted shelves.


Holes and lights attached to the upper shelf

It gets a little messy in the back with all the wires but that’s why it’s a good thing it’s up against a wall! We repeated this for each shelf in the glass door section of the book case, made sure all the lights worked and then anchored the shelves to the wall. Do NOT skip the anchoring step! These shelves are not very stable, especially on carpet. When you’re opening and closing these doors you have a pretty good chance of being smashed by your beautiful shoes if you don’t anchor the shelves.

When I put these together, I used the knobs that came with the bookshelves and it just wasn’t what I wanted. This was supposed to be my girl room! The white plastic knobs did not scream “dream room” to me. My husband and I spent the majority of our first few of months after we bought the house in Lowes buying various things for projects around the house and I ventured into the knob isle and found these awesome, pink diamond knobs ($56, a little pricey but I love them)! They have white diamond knobs as well but I love pink and knew this was the route I wanted to go. I replaced the ugly white plastic knobs with the pink diamond knobs and my shelves were now complete!


My awesome pink knobs from Lowes

Now it was time to place my shoes in the shelves! I put all of my fun shoes and heels in these shelves and I was super excited and very happy with the end result.


Lighted shoe shelves

Now is the time to explain why all three of my shelves don’t have lights and doors. The main answer, I have huge feet (size 11 to be exact). My flats didn’t fit into the shelves with the doors closed so I had to have a section without doors to fit all of my lower heels, flats and boots. The shelves at the end are what I would like to call my more practical shelves. These house my shoes that I wear most often and again, don’t fit behind the doors. I would’ve liked all three shelves to have glass doors but it just wasn’t possible for me. It still organizes my shoes and I can see all my shoes when i’m deciding what to wear, so it works!

shoes no doors

My feet are too big for these to fit with doors 😦

But wait! There’s more…

My shoe wall was now complete! I was happy but I knew the room was missing something. I needed a place to sit down and actually put the shoes on and make the room look complete. I found this ottoman in Target a couple of years earlier and realized it fit perfectly in my shoe room and completed the look I was going for! As an extra plus, it also fits all my flip flops and clutches.


My shoe room is complete!

Since this was also my “Girl Cave”, I needed a place to store my purses that wasn’t in a gigantic pile in a closet. I found this purse rack on Amazon and put it in the corner next to my wall of shoes to complete my dream “closet” look in our spare bedroom. I still have a ton of purses on it so it’s not the nicest looking thing ever, but it’s cute and it does it’s job of organizing my purses and it just adds a little something more to my girl room.

purse rack

There you have it, how to create your dream Shoe Room out of a spare room or if you’re lucky enough to have a closet big enough for this kind of thing (If you are, I’m super jealous).

Total Project Cost: ~$500(Not super cheap but it’s customizable and also not bad considering how much it costs to have someone come in and build an organizational space for you). 

Update: Now that I work from home, shoe room has now become a shoe office. I put an awesome glass desk in there again, courtesy of IKEA and now I get to stare at my shoes when I’m at my desk!


New Shoe Office!

Let me know if you try this look or how you store your shoes!

UPDATE! I changed up my shoe storage and created a purse storage shelf with a hidden craft table. Click here to read more:


6 thoughts on “Create your Dream Shoe Room

  1. Michelle Mexicott says:

    Love it!!! Now that l see on the other side of your shoe wall, what are those white or gray things on the wall? Maybe you could hang your purses for display with those beautiful knobs you like, l would put the big bags for display on wall as art, and small clutches on the rack. As for the hats, l wonder if buying some of those styrofoam heads would display your hats on top of shoe closets. Lol


    • Kristine Angevine says:

      Thanks! Are you referring to the stripes on the wall? Those were actually left there from the previous owner but i liked it so I kept it. That’s a good idea! My wedding dress actually is hanging on a giant hook right in between my purse hanger and shoe wall right now but if I ever get that thing cleaned and preserved I might try that! It would look pretty cool to hang my purses on the wall instead of on the rack.


  2. Michelle Mexicott says:

    Kristine, on my post l said the Gray and white thing, colorblind l guess lol, l meant on your pink and tan wall, it would be cool to display your purse’s 👛👜 also!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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